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The importance of advertising

Advertising is, in a nutshell, information. Whether we are announcing a new product or service, sharing price information, advising on new points of sale, or simply reminding and reinforcing the image of a brand, everything has to do with transmitting information. Since ancient times, advertising has been of great help in the business world by promoting healthy competition between companies. Its main objective is to tell the world that we have something interesting to offer and it can be anything from an event, a new product line or a political campaign. It can take the form of print ads, billboards, radio, television, and now social media and alternative media as well.  

If it's not advertised, it doesn't exist.

What is the use of offering the ideal product if nobody knows about it?

Advertising is a form of communication. For most companies it is a key tool for success. A very common and serious mistake is to assume that consumers are automatically aware of what we have to offer them. As if that were not enough, the competition today is such that it is most likely that other companies are doing the same as us and we have to show our target market why we are different and better. 


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